Are Westies Good Family Dogs | ( Important Pros and Cons )

West Highland terriers are a breed of dog that is known for being keen, friendly, and adaptable; but are Westies good family dogs?

With so many dog breeds to choose from, it can be hard to figure out which is the best. Westies are a good option as a first dog because they have various benefits which we will discuss below.

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History Of The Westie:

The westie dog is a small and sturdy dog with a thick, silky coat. It is also known as the west highland terrier.

A West Highland Terrier is a dog that originated in Scotland, where it was bred to hunt and kill vermin. They are one of the most popular breeds in the world.

The Westie is a small, sturdy, and compact dog that weighs between 12 to 17 pounds and stands around 10 inches tall at the shoulders. They are known for their intelligence, courage, stubbornness, playfulness, and affectionate nature.

Benefits Of Owning a Westie:

Provides Important Exercise:

Westies are such high-energy dogs, that it’s impossible not to feel fully invigorated and pumped up to start your day. To be honest, that’s what a lot of us need.

They require a reasonable amount of exercise which can also help to keep you fit and active. Just 20-30 minutes of walking or running a day are enough for them.

Ball-chasing is one of their favorite sports for these pets. They have the energy, and a strong grip for this skill.

Great For First-Time Owners:

Westies are ideal for first-time owners who still want their dog to be a family member. With the right training, you’ll have a pet that loves to spend time with you and your kids.

They’re pretty low maintenance, as long as you brush their coats regularly. In fact, one of the most exciting things about Westies is that they are hypoallergenic. They certainly don’t shed as much hair as other breeds and so it should be an easy job to maintain their coats, making them the perfect breed for people with allergies.


Great With Other Dogs:

are westies good family dogs

If you have another dog at home, Westies are known for being exceptionally friendly and accommodating. Plus, they share their food and toys if you’re feeling generous.

They’ll love a new friend to play with. You won’t have to rear both pups together for them to form a friendship, which can be even more convenient.

Because of their friendly and sociable demeanor, West Highland Terriers are great playmates for children. The popularity with kids is unlikely to fizzle because they can be found at dog parks, where they happily make friends and look forward to meeting new dogs with interesting personalities.


One of the most important traits a dog can possess is affection. Dogs who are too independent and too territorial are not the best match for kids and it could lead to a lot of unnecessary problems.

Westies have been used for generations to brighten events for everyone involved. Their affectionate nature, adorable expressions and playfulness are almost too hard to resist.

They are likely to follow you around the house, questioning what you’re doing. It is a perfect pet if you want one that’s there for every family activity


One of the best things about West Highland terriers is how well they get along with new owners. They are also easy to train because of their intelligence.

They are also a great choice for new owners because getting them ready for the show will be so much easier

Some people are scared to get dogs with a higher intelligence level than the average dog. These dogs may need more mental stimulation and Westies do better with these kind of situations, as they are always looking for something new and exciting to do.

Westies can be trained really well by their owners with positive reinforcement and learn to do a ton of different tricks.

Great WatchDogs:

are westies good family dogs

Westies are known for being able to defend themselves when needed. They are also great watchdogs, keeping an ever-watchful eye on their surroundings.

Socializing your pup can help them to curb certain undesirable behaviors, such as incessant barking at the door.

Sheds Little:

West Highland Terriers have a constant hair shedding, but not an excessive amount. Daily brushing will help remove dead hair and keep your pup’s coat looking sleek, shiny and healthy.

Many Westies like to be brushed and this can be a great opportunity to bond with your pet. As a bonus, brushing can also help groom your Westie and keep them looking their best.


Things To Be Aware Off:


Terriers are a type of dog typically known for being energetic, stubborn, and demanding. Westies are no different and make good pets if you’re home most of the time; they can get destructive if elsewise.

Westies love to help out with the garden. They can uproot a plant in minutes and this is just something they instinctively like to do. Training them out of this behavior is difficult, so best not to try!

Health Issues:

West Highland Terriers are a beautiful and adorable breed of dog, but the breed is prone to many health issues. They often suffer from skin problems, such as eczema and allergies, as well as problems with their joints, like luxating patella and hip dysplasia.

Additionally, they are known for suffering from separation anxiety. This can happen if they’re left alone too long without any interaction.


Westies are not only a great family pet, but they’re also a pretty low-maintenance pet. The Westie’s double coat means that they need to be groomed regularly to keep it looking its best. They also need to be bathed from time to time.



Westies are a popular breed of dog known for their friendly and eager temperament. They’re also known for their intelligence and natural friendliness, which makes them the perfect family pet.

Overall, Westies are a great fit for most families due to their natural sociability. and desire to please human companions.

They will become a great and important part of your family and this quote says it better than we could ever do.

best westie dog quote


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