Top 50 Westie Dog Names (With Meanings)

top westie dog names

Finding the name for your new West Highland White Terrier can be difficult, but don’t worry because we’ve got you covered with our list of top 50 westie dog names below. Have you just adopted a new westie dog or puppy and are looking for …

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Westie Rescue Organisations

westie rescue organisations

Westies are great pets, they’re easy to adapt to most home environments and have fun personalities. They love family life. Unfortunately, some, have to be rescued by great westie rescue organizations due to abandonment, health issues, bad treatment, or other unforeseen circumstances. Opening up your …

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Top 17 Inspirational westie Dog Quotes (Get Inspired)

inspirational westie dog quotes

These inspirational westie dog quotes for dog owners are the perfect reminder of how lucky they are, to have a dog, especially a west highland terrier. Westie owners are so fortunate to get the wonderful health benefits that having dogs bring such as exercise and …

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What Is a WestiePoo – ( 4 Minute Read)

what is a westiepoo

What is a Westiepoo? I find that this is a common question among Westie owners. The Westiepoo, also known as a Westiedoodle is a mixed breed dog; a cross between the West Highland White Terrier and the Poodle. These pups are clever, active, affectionate, and …

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Are Westies Hypoallergenic – ( 3 Minute Read)

Are westies hypoallergenic

West Highland Terriers have lots of personality, despite being a small dog. They also have a lot of other great qualities, but are westies hypoallergenic? This is a breed that wants to please their owners and be with them but also have their own pursuits. …

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Westie FAQs: – (17 Answers You Should Know):

westies faqs

Is a West Highland terrier, or a Westie, as it’s more commonly known, the right breed for you? Here are some Westie FAQS ( frequently asked questions ) that might help you decide your answer. We sincerely hope they do. Are Westies Good Family Dogs: …

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Why Do Westies Dig? | ( Infographic Included)

why do westiess dig

Why do westies dig? They were originally bred for hunting, which is why they instinctively dig up the burrows of their prey. Westies are natural diggers and it can be hard to train them out of this behavior. However, it’s possible to redirect this instinctive …

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Why Do Westies Eat Dirt? | ( Infographic Included)

why do westie dogs eat dirt

Consumption of dirt is common in dogs, especially puppies or young dogs. They do it to explore the world. But why do westies eat dirt? Read on to discover 5 common reasons why west highland terriers eat dirt. When your dog is constantly eating dirt …

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