Top 50 Westie Dog Names (With Meanings)

top westie dog names

Finding the name for your new West Highland White Terrier can be difficult, but don’t worry because we’ve got you covered with our list of top 50 westie dog names below. Have you just adopted a new westie dog or puppy and are looking for …

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Top 17 Inspirational Westie Dog Quotes | (Get Inspired)

inspirational westie dog quotes

These inspirational westie dog quotes for dog owners are the perfect reminder of how lucky they are, to have a dog, especially a west highland terrier. Westie owners are so fortunate to get the wonderful health benefits that having dogs bring such as exercise and …

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Are Westies Good With Other Dogs

Are Westies Good With Other Dogs

Westies make great companions for cats if they are both raised together. However, are westies good with other dogs, and the answer is, most of the time. It’s like human relationships, where some people can’t get on. It’s important to know that they live for …

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Why Do Westies Have Black Skin

why do westies have black skin

Why do Westies have black skin? When too many pigment-producing cells start producing intense dark pigment, you get black spots. This is commonly seen in Westies, particularly in Black Skin Disease, or Alopecia X, which is a hereditary condition that affects these dogs. It’s been …

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Are Westies High Maintenance | ( 4-Minute Read)

Are Westies High Maintenance

The most common question people have is whether these beautiful dogs require a lot of work. Basically, are Westies high maintenance pets?. Westies are intelligent, easy to train, and active, so they would be good for someone who likes a dog that has some energy …

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Are Westies Good For Allergy Sufferers | ( Read This Now )

Are Westies Good For Allergy Sufferers

West Highland Terriers are great for people who suffer from allergies. They are hypoallergenic, which means that they are less likely to trigger allergies. Westies require little grooming, so they won’t aggravate the symptoms of someone who has asthma or allergies. They produce relatively less …

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Are Westies Good For Seniors | ( Important Reasons Why )

Are Westies Good For Seniors

West Highland Terriers are small dogs that are easy to take care of and require minimal grooming but are Westies good for seniors. The answer is Yes and this is because they have a gentle, loving nature and other attributes, which makes them ideal companions …

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Do Westies Like To Sleep Much | ( 4-Minute Read)

do westies like to sleep much

Do Westies like to sleep much? The short answer to this question is that Westies sleep anywhere from 10-14 hours per day. The average is about 12 hours per day. These dogs like a lot of other dogs, require a lot of sleep to stay …

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Another Fun Dog Quiz For Westie Lovers

fun dog quiz for westie lovers

As an avid west highland terrier owner, I love dog quizzes. We do hope you enjoy this short fun dog quiz of six questions for Westie Lovers. ————————– The unconditional love that dogs, especially Westies bring to the home and family is immeasurable. As this …

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