Are Westies Good For Seniors | ( Important Reasons Why )

West Highland Terriers are small dogs that are easy to take care of and require minimal grooming but are Westies good for seniors. The answer is Yes and this is because they have a gentle, loving nature and other attributes, which makes them ideal companions for seniors.

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What Is a West Highland Terrier:

Are Westies Good For Seniors

West Highland White Terriers are known for their intelligence, sociability, and often stubbornness.

This breed of dog is a small terrier type that originated in Scotland. They have a life expectancy of 12 to 14 years and have been popular pets since the late 1800s.

The West Highland White Terrier was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1996 and the United Kennel Club in 1997.


Westie Size:

One of the most common synonyms people associate with Westie is size. They may not be microscopically small, but as mentioned previously, they are considered small. This makes them an ideal companion to go out with, almost everywhere.

As a senior citizen, is there anything more convenient than lightweight? The last thing you want is to feel like you are dragging a pile of rock every time you take your dog out for a walk.

They also don’t need a lot of space which is perfect for those living in an apartment or other small spaces.


Are Westies Low Maintenance:

Westies are among the best dogs for seniors. They have minimal upkeep, which means less time spent on cleaning and grooming and more time spent together.

West Highland White Terriers are commonly known for being a low-maintenance breed. They are typically active, but not overly so. They require only a couple of walks per day to keep them from getting bored and destructive in the home.

Westies typically enjoy time in small spaces with the people they live with, and that can be a huge benefit to seniors who may get lonely or have mobility issues.


Health Benefits Of Getting A Westie For Seniors:

are westies good for seniors


Here are great reasons for Seniors getting a Westie dog.

A Reason To Get Up In The Morning:

It’s very common for retirees to feel like they have no purpose. But, there are tons of ways to fill the time once work is no longer a daily routine.

Having a Westie can really help develop a routine that they look forward to. They also get a sense of responsibility and ownership over their new pet.

Dogs Keep Seniors More Active:

Walking your dog is a great way to maintain excellent health. In older adults, it has been shown to slow down the physical mobility decline that naturally occurs with age.

Walking can help you lose weight, lower blood sugar levels, reduce the risk of cancer, and help regulate sleep cycles.

Social Life Is Improved:

There’s a growing body of research that suggests people tend to become more isolated as they get older. As we age, it becomes harder and harder to create new connections with people we don’t know well.

Among dog owners, it’s not uncommon for them to chat. They often share stories about their pets and in doing so, forge friendships.

Reduces Loneliness and Depression:

Isolation is a painful reality for many senior citizens who are often lonely. This can affect them adversely and may trigger feelings of depression as well, so don’t be afraid to reach out to your aging loved ones if you’re feeling disconnected.

Pets of any kind provide good company and also help keep them from getting stressed or feeling depressed.


Is 80 Too Old To Get a Dog:

When planning for the future, you may think you need to be without a best friend. If that’s not something you want to consider, then know that it is possible to have a dog at any age.

Dogs can live up to 14 years and are considered senior dogs at the age of 7. Generally, smaller dogs live longer than bigger ones.


Are Westies Hypoallergenic:

Westie’s have a coat type consisting of a coarse outer layer and a soft undercoat. They tend not to shed much or have high levels of dander which is perfect for people with allergies or asthma. It is considered to be hypoallergenic.

It’s important that people who have allergies know not to confuse hypoallergenic dogs and non-shedding dogs because they are not the same.

Hypoallergenic dogs don’t cause allergic reactions because of their thick coats, it’s the lack of shedding that makes a dog a hypoallergenic.



The West Highland Terrier, or Westie, is one of the best breeds of dog to get as a pet. These small, friendly dogs have a lot of friendly traits that make them great for elderly folks.

Studies have shown that people who own a pet derive health benefits like decreased blood pressure and lower anxiety. They make such an excellent choice for older adults.


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