Do Westies Like To Cuddle | ( 4-Minute Read)

do westies like to cuddle

Don’t you just love coming home to your dog and cuddling up with it to release all the stress you had to deal with throughout the day? However, that does not mean you can do the same with all the various breeds of dogs out …

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Why Do Westies Dig? | ( Infographic Included)

why do westiess dig

Why do westies dig? They were originally bred for hunting, which is why they instinctively dig up the burrows of their prey. Westie terriers are natural diggers and it can be hard to train them out of this behavior. However, it’s possible to redirect this …

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Why Do Westies Eat Dirt? | ( Infographic Included)

why do westie dogs eat dirt

Consumption of dirt is common in dogs, especially puppies or young dogs. They do it to explore the world. But why do westies eat dirt? Read on to discover 5 common reasons why west highland terriers eat dirt. This content takes around 4 minutes to …

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