Why Do Westies Bark So Much? | ( Infographic Included )

Many Westies bark a lot so it’s natural for owners to ask the question, why do westies bark so much. The owners often worry that it is an indication of an unbalanced character, but in fact, it is often just related to the training.

Please read on for the most common reasons why west highland terriers bark so much.

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Every time a dog barks, there is usually an underlying meaning behind it. This may be to communicate with you or to maintain good social behaviors.

Why Do Westies Bark So Much Infographic:

Why Do Westies Bark So Much Infographic:

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Please read on for the most common reasons why your west highland terrier barks so much.


Almost every breed of dog can have significant separation anxiety. This is because dogs are very expressive animals with a lot of emotions, which include barking to express their feelings. Westies are very vocal animals that will bark when they are lonely or feel anxious.

One thing to keep in mind is that they may bark if they are bored or overexcited. You should also try not to leave your pet home alone since he needs attention.


Sometimes, dogs bark for reasons besides aggression. It can be a sign that they’re in physical pain or discomfort. They bark because they want you to help them feel better.

In addition, your Westie might have an injury, there is bad weather outside, they’re hungry or maybe they are sick.


Westies often bark loudly in fear. They demonstrate this reflex when they see something they find frightening and then bark continuously

It is therefore your responsibility as the owner, to help reduce any long-term fears that lead to their fear barking.



Westies can get bored easily, so it’s imperative they have enough time to exercise and interact with friends.

As a dog owner, it’s important that you know your pet’s mood and be ready to entertain them when they’re feeling bored.


Your Westie can get startled by some noises or effects, such as a stranger or passing vehicle. This is because they are observant by nature. West Highland terriers are energetic and independent dogs. They like plenty of space to roam and will get “annoyed” if they feel crowded.




Westies can sometimes annoy you with their loud barks, but their cute bark is just so heart-warming. Try to understand your furry friend, gradually they will understand you too. And lastly, help each other out with all the love you have!

We hope that the information above has helped answer the question of why do Westies bark so much?


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