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Are Westies and Scotties the same? The Westie and the Scottie come from the same family of small earth dogs, but they do look very different. They are roughly the same size, but the Westie is often taller than the Scottie by one inch. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t get along-they’re both wonderful pets too!

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History and Makeup Of The Breeds:

It’s important to look at the history of a breed, especially if you are thinking about welcoming one into your home. Not only is the breed history interesting, but it can also tell you a lot about what to expect from them as a family pet. So, let’s see how these Scottish terriers’ histories are connected.

Both breeds come with double coats. The outer coat is made of coarse, wire-like hairs which can protect them from harsh conditions in the Scottish elements. Their undercoat is soft and fluffy to keep them warm and insulated.

Are Westies and Scotties the same

The Scottie is often smaller and more compact than the Scottish Terrier. A secondary difference is that their skull is also longer, which will be magnified through the proper shaping of the beard. A more noticeable change many people notice is that Scotties have a more inquisitive expression, with a more serious demeanor.

Are Westies and Scotties the same

The Westie dog’s origin is unclear, but Colonel Edward Malcolm from Scotland is credited with playing a crucial role. He bred a pack of light-colored working terriers for hunting, one of which was believed to carry the recessive ‘white’ gene.

Allegedly, the red dog came out of the bushes and was mistaken for a fox by Malcolm. The story then goes that this incident led Malcolm to only breed white dogs which would be easier to see in the field.

The West Highland terrier differs from other terriers in appearance by having a rounder and softer appearance. They have circular faces with fluffy hair around the face that is usually cut to accentuate this. They have proportionate bodies with powerful yet compact legs.

The average weight for the male Westie is 18.5 pounds and 14.5 pounds for the female, while it is 21 pounds on average for a Scottie.

The Scottish Terrier goes by the names of Aberdeenie and Scottie. West Highland White Terriers are also often called Westies or Westy, Roseneath Terriers, or White Roseneath Terriers.


The grooming of both these dogs is similar because they have similar coats. Though they shed a moderate amount year-round, they may become a little heavier during shedding seasons. Expect to find some dog hair around your home as a result.

Groom them weekly to prevent their coat from tangling and to keep them looking healthy

Exercise Needs:

Are Westies and Scotties The Same

Despite their size, they both need at least 45 minutes of daily exercise. This means that they both require a family with active members who are able to get them their daily exercise.

Letting your pet off-leash to roam in public is like sending him into a maze with no map. He will run down any rabbit hole he sees, or chase after any squirrel that crosses his path. To avoid any dangerous situations, always use a training leash to keep him from going too far away from you.

Chew toys will work to keep your dog busy and happy, so keep a chew toy nearby for when they need something to distract them. You’ll be then able to focus on other tasks without worrying about your belongings or the garden. These dogs can become destructive if they become bored.


Both breeds are relatively healthy dogs that enjoy a long lifespan. The Scotties typically normally live to around 12 years, and the Westie usually enjoys 13 to 15 years.

Like all purebred dogs, they are prone to certain health conditions more so than others because of their genetic influence. Help to keep your pet healthy with regular vet visits.

Most Westie breeders are aware that hip dysplasia, eye conditions, and other genetic health problems can be tested for before the dog is sold. Hip dysplasia is a common problem plus one of the most common eye issues to address is glaucoma.

Patellar luxation may affect both the Scottie and the Westie, so make sure to have your vet screen them for it.




Westies and Scotty dogs share some similarities. They have a strong prey drive and enjoy playing games and getting out as much as possible.

However, we’ve found them to be more different than similar. This should help you in your choice of which dog to choose. Remember that you are in for a treat, whatever your decision.


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