Are Westies Good With Cats | (Important Questions Answered)

Are Westies good with cats? It’s an important question for dog and cat owners. Westies are excellent dogs who make good companions. The only thing pet owners should be mindful of is how well they do with other animals and whether there will be any conflict.

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Westie dogs are a great choice for cat lovers because they have a high tolerance for felines. They can be around cats without being bothered by them or vice versa. They are easy to take care of, require reasonable exercise, and will get along with all types of animals.

Important To Explore History:

do westies like cats

West Highland White Terriers are a Scottish dog breed that was first bred about 300 years ago in the year 1717.

It was originally a hunting dog, and its instincts might be less so in the modern-day pet version than in the original hunting dog. However, there are certain traits that remain from the dog’s original purpose.

Renowned for its playful nature, this Scottish Terrier is believed to have descended from the Lowland Terrier. This breed was one of the most popular in Scotland and its descendants are still comparatively common there today.

West Highland Terriers have been bred to have a high energy level and are perfect for hunting small prey.

Considering Adopting:

If you have an existing cat and are considering getting a Westie you will know the personality and nature of your cat.

If you’re considering getting a rescue cat, it’s important to find out the animal’s previous living conditions and have a chat with the local shelter. This is to ensure that you know how animals who have been subjected to different living environments will react with your other pets.

If possible, ask the shelter about the cat’s previous living conditions and socialization with other pets, particularly dogs. The cat may show aggression towards your dog even if he is the friendliest dog in town.

Take note that feral cats are often mistaken as strays and stray cats can adopt feral behaviors over time.

Raise Westies and Cats Together: 

Westies and cats can get along with each other if both are properly socialized from a young age. This is important.

Westies are good with cats as long as both animals know each other and the Westie is properly trained. Cats are only safe around Westies if they’re comfortable around dogs.

Westies may look friendly and easygoing, but their prey instinct is strong which means they are inclined to chase cats outside the home.

But, it differs from pet to pet depending on the age and personality. Some cats do not tolerate any other types of pets, but Westies want to be better around their humans and can adjust easier to being among other pets.

Use A Leash:

crazy over westies - westie on a leash

For Westies and cats that are introduced to each other later in life, leashes are necessary when starting out. This is an effective way for Westies and cats to test their boundaries safely.

Since both animals will not be accustomed to the other’s presence, you will need to give them both time to test the waters.  Take things slowly and see how well the two animals get on.

Important To Establish Territory:

Dogs and cats are territorial animals, so dividing up specific areas for Westies and cats is important, especially when both animals are still getting familiar with each other.

The easiest way to do this is by fencing off areas in your home where the Westie and cat can be around each other without jeopardizing their safety. 

Later on, once a Westie and cat are comfortable enough, you can start removing some of the fencing and other boundaries between both animals.





Westies can be good with cats, but only if you give your pet time plus the opportunity to get used to the new household.

The earlier your Westie can be exposed to cats, the better. This is so important as cats and Westies are natural enemies. But if you can raise your Westie with a cat, he’ll either learn to live in peace or grow up too strong for a feline to squish.


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