Why Do Westies Ears Flop | (Explained For Beginners)

As adorable as our Westie maybe, with their floppy ears that bounce and their graceful way of running, you might eventually wonder if their ears will stand up or not. The question most owners are asking is “Why Do Westies Ears Flop!”

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Westies are very cute and adorable dogs. They are also known for their floppy ears. But what happens when your westie’s ears start to flap? Is this normal?

When Do Westies Ears Stand Up:

Some westie puppies have erect ears before the puppy teething phase which begins between 3-5 months. However, their ears suddenly seem to fold as they begin to chew on things. It is not uncommon for their ears to pop back into place once the teething has finished.

What Does It Mean When a Westie’s Ears Are Down:

As a rule of thumb, you can see whether or not your dog is paying attention by looking at its ears. If they’re facing forward, this means they’re engaged; if they’re slightly pulled back, then this means that the dog is feeling somewhat friendly.

What Causes a Dog’s Ear to Flop:

why do westies ears flop

They may have a floppy or misshapen ear due to their inability to maintain balance during malnutrition, fighting, illness, etc. Fungal ear infections and parasites can also cause the ears to take on this appearance.

Some causes of ear injuries include bite wounds. It’s not uncommon for a dog’s ears to be injured during fights or play, as these are vulnerable and accessible areas.

Are Westie Ears Tipped:

West Highland White Terriers are a breed of dog that has never had their ears cropped and are usually better looking with their perky little ears.

However, because Westies come from a long line of dogs that did not have their ears cropped, vets are unlikely to crop the ears of dogs under a few days old.

Do Westies Grow Into Their Ears:

Some westie puppies take a little longer to get their ears to stand. Sometimes they will stand up, but once they start teething, they normally droop back down.

If your dog’s ears don’t stand up by around sixteen weeks old, it might be due to damage in the ear cartilage and then there is a high chance they never will. Always check with your vet concerning any health concerns.

What Makes a Dog’s Ears Stand Up:

There are a number of dog breeds that can inherit genetic deformities which include the cartilage. As the anatomy of dogs’ ears is quite complex, a general rule for dogs with this condition is to start seeing changes happen by the time they’re four to six weeks old.

When the ears don’t stand up, the reason could be that they need to be built up. This can take around six months to fix.

You might be surprised to hear that teething does, in fact, affect dogs’ ears. As pups grow and develop from one phase to the next, teeth are only a natural part of the maturing phase, as they start to grow another set of teeth.

What Is The Westie Terrier:

history of the westie

Westies are a very popular pet and are known for their floppy ears. But sometimes, their ears can turn out to be too floppy, which is called “floppy ear syndrome”.

The condition is caused by a number of factors, such as genetics or trauma to the head or ears. There are also other reasons as mentioned, why a Westie’s ears might turn out to be too floppy,

Why Does a Dog Have One Ear Down and One Up:

Erect ears indicate your dog is alert. Pinned back ears could mean they are scared or feeling intimidated. One ear up and one down could suggest they’re curious meaning you should proceed with caution if you want to approach them.

Do Dogs With Floppy Ears Hear Worse:

Dogs who have upright ears, like Dobermans, hear better than dogs who have floppy ears, for instance, Beagles. Their ears are placed in such a way that they can move slightly either to the right or left or up and down to navigate sound waves.

What Types of Damage Can Floppy Westie Ears Cause:

Westie’s ear damage can range from minor to severe. Minor ear problems include waxy buildup and infections. More severe ear problems include ruptured eardrums and tumors. Westies with floppy ears are also more prone to ear infections.

The floppy ear in dogs is a symptom of many different conditions, including hematoma, bacterial or yeast infection, or allergies. Many times the dog will shake their head, scratch its ears, or have an odor from the ears that may be caused by any of these conditions.


Westies have variable developmental processes and conditions. For that reason, it’s common for each pair of dog ears to come into their own after a little time. So don’t get too worried if they don’t stand up sooner than you would like.


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