Are Westies Better In Pairs | ( Important Pros and Cons )

Westies are extremely cute, playful animals loved by dog owners around the world. However, are westies better in pairs or just on their own.

It’s important to consider these important pros and cons to help you make the right decision. If you are in a hurry we have included a table of contents to help you see at a glance what the content contains.

West Highland Terriers are fluffy and have those big adorable eyes and cute noses. They are also a favorite amongst media studios and advertisers alike.

Should I Get a Second Westie:

Dogs are pack animals. That’s how they survived in the wild. There are also definite advantages to the pack living for domesticated dogs. When you adopt dogs from the same litter, they will bond quickly and strongly with each other.

There’s also comfort in knowing that they have a best friend and playmate with them at all times! And let’s be honest, watching the siblings play together casts a spell and suddenly you can’t imagine a home with just one!

How Much Is A Westie Puppy:

Westie puppies can cost $1,000 from a breeder in the USA. If you’re looking to buy a Westie in the UK, there’s a big range in the prices of pedigree puppies. It can cost anywhere between £300 and over £900. In Australia, the average price of a Westie puppy is around $1,000.

Of course, these prices can differ depending on the breeder’s experience level and the dog’s pedigree. Vaccination and health care are expensive and if the puppy has been vaccinated, it might cost a bit more.

Expenses To Raise A Westie:

expenses to raise a dog = Crazy Over Westies

Raising a dog requires you to be responsible. Your little one might not have large bills, but what about two of them?

Many people don’t realize the high costs of pet ownership and the financial burden that comes with it. From vet expenses to food and grooming, from toys to litter boxes and baskets, it will all be double with two west highland terriers. It’s important to recognize this fact.

Nevertheless, if you can afford all of them, and it’s not a major burden, then why not have two adorable pets instead of one!

Do Westies Get Along With Each Other :

West Highland White Terriers can be more tolerant of other pets than some other breeds. They are known for their patience and tolerance.

However, they should not be left to interact with other pets without supervision. Also many Westies have dominant or aggressive tendencies, too.

Do Westies Get Lonely:

do westies get lonely

Left without enough stimulation, Westies like most dogs or pups, can become bored, be unhappy and this leads to unwanted behaviors like chewing or biting. When you’re gone, it’s a great idea to leave a radio on with some music as company.

Separation anxiety is widespread among dog breeds, not just Westies. Since Westies are very social they are more prone to suffer from this problem.

This health issue is a condition where your Westie becomes more restless or shows signs of distress when they are away from you. It is natural to find a dog ill at ease when they are separated from their owner.

Do Westies Get Along With Other Pets:

The Westie makes friends easily and will usually get along fine with other cats and dogs. However, this dog may not be the best choice for a family with young kids because of their hunting instincts.

With cats, the best scenario is when they are raised together and both respect their boundaries.

What Do I Need To Know About Westies:

are westies better in pairs

Westies are happy, intelligent and entertaining dogs and make excellent travel companions. They are easy to train and get along with strangers, children and other dogs. They make good watchdogs but like to dig and bark.

West Highland White Terriers, also known as Westies, have been around in Europe for a little over 300 years. They were originally bred in Scotland for use as hunting dogs that could control the population of vermin.

The Malcolm family of Scotland started breeding light wheaten and white Highland Terriers in the nineteenth century which led to the creation of a type of dog that is largely dependent on its color.

Col. Malcolm’s own dog was killed on a hunting trip and he then decided to only breed white dogs after that, because he felt they were less likely to be confused with the red ones

The White West Highland Club was created by Colonel Malcolm in 1905 and recognized as the West Highland White Terrier in 1906 by the Kennel Club.

How Much Sleep Do Westies Need:

According to a number of reports, West Highland Terriers need about thirteen hours of sleep over a 24-hour period.

Does Gender Matter:

One important factor to consider is the gender of your dogs. Even though Westies are known to have a laid back attitude, they do mark their territory.

Male dogs are often friendlier to female siblings, so this makes it more likely that they will get along. In an environment where there are two males living under the same roof, they’re often compelled to appear stronger than one another There is usually an ongoing fight for who has the alpha status.

Benefits Of Having Two Westies:

are westies better in pairs

We fully relate to the benfits of having a dog, but there are more benefits to having two of them. Here’s why.

Great Company For Each Other: – Having them near each other will let them get to know each other better, and that way they won’t be so stressed when you’re gone.

More Free Time For You: – As a matter of fact, you’ll have more free time if you have two dogs. They will keep each other company and be playing all the time. You’ll also find that it is delightful to watch your Westies playing together

More Love To Go Round: – As a matter of fact, you’ll have more free time if you have 2 dogs. They will keep each other company and be playing all the time. You’ll also find that it is delightful to watch your Westies playing together.


You probably have a lot of questions, but we do hope that the above information has helped you in making the right choice.

You need to consider all the pros and cons listed above, before deciding whether to get two Westies or move on to a second pup. The answer will depend to a large extend on your own situation.


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