Do Westie Dogs Shed | (Read This First)

West Highland White Terriers have a very short, straight coat that sheds very little but can be a bit of a challenge to groom. Do westie dogs shed is a common question from owners. To maintain their coat you will need to brush them regularly on top of bathing on a regular basis.

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West Highland White Terriers, more commonly known as Westies, are a small white-coated breed of what is known as an earth dog. They were bred decades ago to hunt rats and other rodents. They’re now mainly known as loving family pets.

do westies shed

How Much Do West Highland Terriers Shed:

West highland terriers would make perfect family pets, as they shed very little. Actually, they are one of the easiest breeds to own and maintain. They will therefore require less grooming than other breeds such as  Shih Tzu and Poodles.

A lot of people hesitate to get a dog because it shreds dander which affects the allergies that they might have. Pet dander, is the fine dusting of dead skin cells, and travels through the air and settles on furniture and floors.

Grooming Can Help:

Westies shed and groom themselves regularly and it should be easy to maintain them with the right standards of care.

Regular grooming means that abrasions and external parasites can be spotted before they become a serious problem. It also helps to reduce the number of dog hairs around your house!

a Hypoallergenic Dog:

Despite causing difficulties with sinus and asthma, many people are attracted to non-shedding and hypoallergenic dogs like the West Highland Terriers, also known as the Westie.

These are dogs that are less prone to cause allergic reactions in people. They produce little to no dander with a coat that doesn’t shed.

There is no guarantee that any allergy sufferer won’t have a problem still but if you are looking to reduce the risk of hair shedding then the west highland terrier is the perfect choice to consider.

What Is A Westie Terrier:

These are essentially small dogs that usually weigh between 13 and 20 pounds. Not growing above 10-11 inches in height, these are small like most breeds of terriers and also show a similar temperament.

History Of The Westie:

are westies hypoallergenic

The westie history originates from Poltalloch in Argyll, Scotland where it was bred by the Malcolm family. Their dogs appear to trace back to the early 17th Century when King James I ruled England.

They were historically bred to go underground and hunt vermin. The name Terrier comes from Latin. Terra means earth, which suits the needs of this breed perfectly.

The white Cairn Terrier breed was mainly found in Scotland but gets its name from the estate that John Malcolm lived on. This family-owned Poltalloch and the terriers were commonly sighted there.

The West Highland White Terrier, which is one of the oldest terriers in existence; was recognized as a breed back in 1878. It is devoted to its family and is fearless.

Malcolm was already breeding two different types of terriers in the 1800s. white and wheaten light Highland Terriers. The different colors helped them identify a mixed breed dog that had traits from both of the original ones.

The story goes that Col. Malcolm’s red dog was mistakenly killed on a hunting trip, and he only bred white dogs after that, to avoid any similar mistakes in the future!

The White West Highland Club was founded by Colonel Edward Malcolm in 1905 while the Kennel Club formally recognized them as one of their breeds in 1906.

They first started being shown at dog shows in the early 1900s and made their first appearance with the American Kennel Club in 1908.

Westies White Coat:

westies white coat

Westies have grown in popularity over the years due to their attractive and distinctive white color. Westies have a double layer of hair, which makes them some of the most committed self-groomers you’ll ever meet.

To help keep their coats healthy, they need regular brushing and bathing. The undercoat is short hair that is close to the skin, while the outer coat is found to be coarser and made of longer hair measuring around an inch in length.

Westies are known for having a soft coat and as such, they make a great pet to cuddle with. With their fluffy fur that is both soft and sweet-smelling, they’re easy to love.




Westies are energetic, determined, and feisty at times and are also very devoted to their owners. The breed’s overall qualities make for a charming companion, though in many ways they can be challenging to own.

However the benefits are immense and with most dogs, they bring many health benefits that bring an overall better quality of life for your family.


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