Why Do Westies Paws Go Brown | ( Read This First )

The Westie is a cute, white small terrier that brings fun to your household. Westies won’t stay fresh and clean with white fur all the time. A common question is why are my westie’s paws brown. In addition, their beards and tears are a necessary part of owning one.

Read on to find solutions and answers to this common problem of brown paws, that all owners of West Highland terriers will face.

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What Are The Cause Of The Stains:

why do westies ears paws go brown

It can be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of stains found on your Westie because they are active dogs that are liable to get into a lot of different things throughout their day.

However, the main cause of the problem appears to be when your dog is licking the paws. If you notice stains around their feet, their saliva may be the cause. They can obsessively lick at their feet to stain the fur because their saliva contains porphyrins that are pink or reddish-brown.

Answer On Quora From A Westie Owner:

This was confirmed by an owner who said:

She has had Westies for years. Sadly, however, their beautiful white fur is often stained where they lick their paws.

In addition, their beards are stained from drinking and eating. Nothing to worry about, as this happens to most white dogs unless they lick obsessively.

She also added that if one thinks the behavior is obsessive, due to boredom or an allergic reaction, then always consult your vet.

This is something we always recommend on this site when you have unresolved concerns about your pets health.

On The Pet Forums Community:

pet forums

A member on this forum said that her parents have a 13-year-old westie who had very brown feet and a muzzle. In addition, the dog was having problems with her paws.

After an examination by their vet, it was discovered that she had skin mites. After the relevant treatment, her feet and muzzle were snowy white again.

As we said above, always better to contact your vet when you have concerns about your Westie because they are an important part of the family.

On Another Dogs Forum:

A couple of answers on another dog’s forum.

This member has two westies and both have had brown stains around their mouths. She heard that it was caused by saliva. Wasn’t concerned because it didn’t appear to worry her dogs. As she said in her answer, it was just a Westie thing.

Another member said that the stains didn’t bother her. Her dog was just one of those dogs that will roll in everything, so she is never clean. However, she still loves her though.

I thought that was a lovely answer.





As discussed, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of stains found on your Westie because they are quite active dogs. However, it appears to be a common problem amongst owners of West Highland Terriers.

Besides saliva being a major cause, it can also happen because of a yeast infection and also because of a particular dog food that has been just introduced.

As we said above, it is always better to contact your vet when you have concerns about your Westie because he is an important part of your family. Especially if the health issue develops into obsessive behavior.

Keeping your Westie looking great can be a challenge. However, you can help a lot to manage Westie beard and tear stains with a normal grooming routine.


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